What’s unique about Dr. Freight is that we work for you. Together we will set up a logistics plan that gets your shipment, no matter how big or small, to the final destination safely, on time and at the lowest cost possible. We handle all methods of transportation and work tirelessly to ensure the chosen method is the best for your needs. We are there for you from start to finish. To date, we have worked with companies all over the, and have saved them a combined total of over $6 million by conducting comprehensive evaluations of transportation operations and service needs which are then compared to industry standards and best practices. We take a look at things like existing and available traffic routes, shunting and storage minimization and optimal delivery frequencies to give you the larger picture of your logistics system. The result is that there’s always room for improvement and we’ll find it.


We are part of the solution. We are committed to doing all we can to reduce our emission and our carbon footprint as much as we can. Much of our communications and information uses the “cloud” so that we reduce what we print significantly. Here are some simple ways we have implemented this: a monthly e-newsletter rather than printed news; RFQs are done online via our website instead of faxing or filling out printed forms; web based accounting and contracts are also part of our methodology. We are working with carriers who have a go green program in place for reducing emissions. Our biggest area of course, is to ensure that we send trucks down the highway full of product and use up the available space on these trucks (where it is possible to do so) as well we will communicate with all parties involved to coordinate pick up and delivery times to help reduce idling emissions. Again at Dr. Freight we recognize the carbon footprint it takes to move freight and work to reduce excess transportation footprints by coordinating pickup and delivery times, as well as eliminate paper where necessary, again we are working with carriers who are ‘Green conscious” and have a program in place. Going green in the transportation industry means making a conscious effort to measure your environmental footprint, report your performance and make improvements. The transportation industry is continually making great strides towards cleaning up and protecting the environment. Many companies are predicting and planning for the increasing number of new environmental regulations. All sectors of the transportation industry are taking note of the seriousness of their impact on the environment and taking action now. Going green in the transportation industry includes cleaning up emissions, improving energy efficiency, and working with customers and suppliers to reduce their carbon footprints We will work with carriers to get it there no matter the size of your shipment, as eco-friendly as we can.